What we can do for you

Expert Assessments

People often take better care of their cars than they do their own mental health. Don’t fall into that category! We can help you today.

Solution-Focused/Brief Treatment

When is the last time you or a loved one went for a mental health checkup? CFC welcomes you to come in and take care of your mental health.

Individual, Marital & Family Counseling

Throughout history, families experiencing various kinds of problems have been seeking help through outside, more formal interventions.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatments

You are what you think about! If your thoughts, feelings or behaviors were on tonight’s evening news, could this be problematic?

Executive & Performance Coaching

Formerly only for business leaders, today business coaching is a type of human resource development for anyone. It provides positive...

Forensic/Court Evaluations

Michael Hack is a 20-year Veteran in the provision of Forensic Evaluations and psychological evaluations for various courts...

Video Counseling

Busy individuals and families save time and cost by connecting with their medical practitioners via encrypted platforms which ensure confidentiality.