Anger Management

Anger Management

What is Anger Management?

Generally, anger is a normal and healthy emotion. However, it can turn harmful if it is felt regularly or spirals out of control. Severe anger or rage can have grave consequences on relationships, well-being, and mindset. Fortunately, controlling anger is not as difficult as people think. Repressed anger can be a primary cause of anxiety and depression. With insight into the actual reasons for anger, one can easily master ways to prevent their temper from hijacking their life. Furthermore, anger management therapy can help people to understand how to deal with anger issues.

Anger Management for Kids

Frustration and anger can quickly turning into disobedience, rudeness, and aggression tantrums because children are not able to understand how to deal with their emotions. If left unchecked, this anger in childhood can lead to poor mental health in adulthood. Consulting an approved child psychologist or child therapist at the right time is essential to the facilitation of a healthy future for kids.


Destructive anger can take multiple forms. Out of control rage can be expressed as anger. In other words, anger is “having a short fuse” on somebody or being extremely critical of others. Another form that outrage may take is that of a frosty cold withdrawal, rebuffing others by shutting them down, or declining to acknowledge their efforts to speak.

All of these responses and reactions can after some time prove to be corrosive to a relationship and to the very own sentiments of self-acceptance and self-esteem. Destructive expressions of anger frequently create feelings of guilt and disgrace.

Here are some valuable options in dealing with destructive anger.


  • Relaxation: Decrease stress and tension by learning relaxation techniques, using words that prompt relaxation, deep breathing, envisioning relaxing pictures, etc.
  • Physical Exercise: When the level of anger and tension rises, physical exercise can be a great method to release tension and remove negative energy. It is an effective alternative to losing control or bursting in wrath.
  • Assertiveness: Involves speaking frankly in a way that is very considerate of the other individual's needs and rights, and does not assault anybody or put them on the defensive.
  • Self-Talk: Take a moment alone to have a contemplative and constructive conversation, which will help control anger.
  • "I" Messages: Mark the target of anger, depicting sentiments and needs rather than attacking, naming, or portraying the other individual's conduct, inspirations, or objectives. Start any sentence with "I feel....." or "I need...."
  • Tune Out/Cool Down: Understand that the situation has turned out to be unstable and ineffective and suggest withdrawing from the situation to allow each party a chance to cool down and collect her/his thoughts and recover individual control.
  • Diversion: When one feels outrage building, finding diversionary exercises that stop the build-up and concentrate the mind on other pleasant experiences can have a positive impact.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Classify or clarify the issue, brainstorm probable answers, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of every alternative solution, select the best option for usage, assess the result as to shared satisfaction, and, ultimately, alter the solution, if required, to increase mutual satisfaction.

    The aim in using these alternatives is to make a person aware of these choices as they seek counseling to replace destructive anger with alternative behavior. Keeping a journal of situations in everyday life can help individuals find the best constructive and alternative way to make them aware of what exactly triggers anger.

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