Client Reviews

Merry Christmas! Learning CBT lessons..

Merry Christmas! Learning CBT lessons is one of the best gifts I received all year. I honestly feel great right now. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. Even in everyday life the CBT keeps me sane, positive, and happy!

Jasmine E

Couple Counseling

After my husband and I participated in sessions with our Corporate & Family Counseling therapist, I got more confident and able to face my struggles strongly. We now both understand our mid-life crisis and are able to move forward with better love and care in our behaviors!

Fulshear TX

I’ve never been to any counse....

I’ve never been to any counseling or coaching before, but my Type A personality /anxiety was approaching a level which was interrupting everything else in my life. I felt very comfortable speaking to Michael about my situation. He provided me with tools and exercises to help alleviate my stress levels and anxiety. To this day the tools prescribed to me by Micheal has become a daily routine in my every day life. I totally enjoy the breathing exercises which calms me down total and allows me to refocus and sleep peacefully at night. I can always hear his voice when I start to over think certain situations that triggers my anxiety saying "there’s no reason to suffer unnecessarily".

Marvan P

CFC counseling was very caring....

CFC counseling was very caring and compassionate. They have a lot of experience and it is evident that they truly care about the well being of their patients. Our counselor, Dr Joe was very easy to talk to and relaxed. They are also very patient and flexible, and have been very accommodating to help work with me on my busy schedule. I am very thankful to be working with CFC!

Jeremy W

I have been extre....

I have been extremely fortunate to know Michael
Hack as a friend, colleague, consultant, educator,confidant, entrepreneur...he is brilliant, one of the top experts in his fields...his experience is expansive, communication skills are nonpareil, and his ability to assess a problem evaluate the most expeditious productive resolution is well known...his respectful, humble approach is not only indicative of his spirit dedication to his work, it perfectly describes the reasons for his successful practice...if you have the opportunity to obtain this gentleman's expertise---don't blow it!!

Michael P

Michael Hack presented to ou....

Michael Hack presented to our organization. He is extremely professional and understands the corporate culture. His presentation was excellent!

Michelle S

Michael Hack is responsive....

Michael Hack is responsive, flexible, and one of the nicest people I've ever met. He quickly determined what my son needed and personalized his sessions, giving him strategies to help him be successful. He puts the patient first and is more than willing to adjust his schedule and make himself available. His goal is to help his patients grow and improve, and he did exactly that for my son.

Patti F

I highly recommend Corporate Family Counselling for all the counseling

I highly recommend Corporate Family Counselling for all the counseling and coaching opportunities they provide.

Isabelle M, US

Great listener and offers solid, research based advice

Great listener and offers solid, research based advice and activities to improve communication and emotional health.

Rebecca G, US

I recommend Michael’s services wholeheartedly.

I recommend Michael’s services wholeheartedly. He was entirely receptive to my desire to incorporate my Christian faith into a treatment plan. This insight was very helpful to me and opened my discussions with Michael and helped make him an effective therapist. He has an interesting and broad background, excellent training, and is very perceptive and listens. He also can be a resource for finding medical services as needed and outside group study and encouragement. I was able to complete the normal 90 day set of exercises that he recommended in 60 days and have learned so much about how to re-train my thinking in that short a time.