Child and Teenager Issues

Child & Teenager Issues

Child & Teenager Issues

There will be days when kids will act like an angels, while other days they will be strangers, making a parent wonder, “What's up?” Although this seems like the beginning of teenage problems, kids might be going through difficulty dealing with anger management.

Perhaps because of your busy schedule, you didn't notice how unhappy or bitter your kid is, or how he/she shuts them off in the room or screams out of frustration and anger. And when you do notice, it becomes a big reason for you to worry.

"Is my teenager’s behavior normal?" If a parent frequently question themselves in this way, then they are not alone. Parents can have trouble guessing how their adorable little kid has grown to be so difficult. According to child psychologists, parents are the experts in understanding their kids. A parent knows them the best, because they are able to see the changes that even experts may fail to notice.

It's normal for teens to get mad or sad, have trouble sleeping, have decreased appetites, and run into problems with friends. These are general everyday problems faced by teenagers. If any unusual behavior happens seasonally, it may not be a reason for concern. All kids go through these stages. But, if a problem continues for too long, say for more than a couple of weeks, then that behavior could be the sign of a more serious condition.

Pediatric psychologists asserts that problematic behavior at an early age might be an indication that the child will have trouble later on in life. A parent should ask themselves questions like: “How often does my child act like that?”, “How long has he/she been unhappy?”, “How big is that temper tantrum?” Keeping a record of behavior is important so that later on a parent can give details to a kid’s psychologist, doctor, or teacher.

An expert and licensed counselor can help a kid to get his/her life back on the right trail with parental support. The counselor can determine the needs of the child and see the clues of distress which can encourage and help parents to help their child. Parents can observe changes in their child's behavior after several visits to the counselor and come up with answers to head off the obstacles in the future.

If school-age children are-

  • Performing poorly in school
  • Emotionally labile/low-spirited
  • Under-sleeping or oversleeping
  • Shut down or withdrawn
  • Not communicating with family members or playing with buddies

A parent shouldn’t worry if a pet dies and your child is sad for a few days. Some children may be going through hormonal changes, which could throw them off balance briefly. But if outbursts or sadness lasts for more than two weeks or happens many times a day then a parent should be worried and consider consulting a pediatric therapist.

Just like grown-ups, some children suffer from stress and depression. While girls tend to withdraw quickly from it, boys may lash out in rage or frenzy when depressed.

Bullying is a prominent problem among school kids. It is not only dangerous for the victim but also for the bully as well.

Not all bullies are destructive. Some compel others to accomplish their dirty work. Girls are likely to ridicule or embarrass another child, while boys have the tendency to get physical. Parents should act immediately without having second thoughts if they suspect bullying. School resources can be of great help to know whether the child is a bully or a victim.

Teens and college students :

College counselors recommend parents listen attentively to whatever their teens say while explaining how they feel, and what they think about the world.

Here are some things to pay close attention to:

  • Facing trouble in school
  • Picked on by teachers or other official figures
  • Abused by other kids
  • Worried about something
  • Depressed

If a teen indicates any of the above are an issue, then parents should not take their concerns lightly, and must develop a plan to help them resolve their issues. Observing whether the teen is a risk-taker or someone who keeps corrupt company and is involved in drugs, alcohol or sex is important. Don't forget that all teens are attracted to prohibited activities and will experiment with different identities under peer pressure, but if a teen is spending most of his/her time doing unsafe things then parents should be concerned and act accordingly.

The most widely found problems a counselor notices among teens are bullying, bad communication at home, academic problems, and difficulties at work.

Take Action When Your Teen Needs Help:

  1. Talk to friends and teachers of your child
  2. Attend school events
  3. Be friends with your child's friends.

If you are concerned about a certain behavior, here are some ways to address it:

  • If the conversation isn’t moving smoothly, speak with others involved in your child’s day to day routine, maybe a teacher or supervisor.
  • Have a chat on coffee or dinner with your child about it or sit in a peaceful place and strike a healthy conversation. Show them you care and express your concerns precisely, then listen to them. If you still cannot reach the roots of the problem, then don't hesitate to make use of child and family psychological services provided by our expert counselors.

Your teen needs to build a name and you don’t want to steal that step from them.


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