Career Counseling

Career Counseling

What is career counselling?

Career Counseling intends to aid you to understand yourself and the nature of work you are interested in order to know how to pick a career. It is about gaining peace, direction, and restoration on the professional path. Whether you are facing sudden stress or managing the impact of a deep-rooted issue, our counselors give a confidential, personalized approach to helping you overcome your issues and finding the right career for you.

One thing we can count upon is that change is the only constant. Consequently, life is always changing. The transformation is just the internal modifications we undergo in order to adapt to the changes we face on the outside. These changes and life transitions are necessary for healthy mental growth. Any transitional period is full of emotional turmoil and pressure, so is the case with the change in career. However, the degree and depth of this turmoil depend on one's personal choices.

Career changes have become an everyday occurrence in today’s fast-moving, hi-tech world. Closings, Lay-offs, and employee burnout have become a part of our jobs.

You will encounter some sense of loss in the structure of your everyday routine after losing a job or switching a career. The immense amount of ease in breathing within a well-defined cycle is wiped out with a new job. A new job certainly brings some amount of enthusiasm along with a striking level of anxiety. Also, our social lives can change dramatically.

Here is where our career counselling services come in the picture. We help you envision an outlook on developing a fulfilling and pleasant career. We help you discover the area of focus that fits your interest the best. Our counselors also address the sensitive implications you face during changing or losing a job. It is a moment of self-reflection of where you have been in your profession and how that has added to an individual you are now.

Throughout the process, our career coaches are devoted to solving identity or self-regard concerns that may occur, moreover in giving assistance and direction through career coaching services to your future career track as you cross through one of the extreme changes in life understanding how to choose a career.

What does a career counselor do?

For college students, who are in a dilemma of what they want to pursue can take help of a college career counselor in the following ways which will help them to understand how to find the right career:

Career Counselors can help them know about the career options that they have, and how can they pursue them.

Career Counselors will help them recognize their own strengths and weaknesses according to their existing education or profession and help them understand how to choose the right career for themselves.

Career Counselors provide them a platform to give voice to their beliefs and opinions about what they really want to pursue and discuss the barriers they might face or be worried about.

Career Counselors helps in making the transition from one career to another a non-stressful experience.

Career Counselors gives the required confidence to make a shift from their field.

Some queries to think about before, during and after a session:

  • What activities satisfy me?
  • What are my top five abilities or skills?
  • How can I improve those skills?
  • What are my educational qualifications?
  • Do I require any further education?
  • What are my salary expectations?
  • Do I want to have a career where I serve others?
  • Do I aspire to be my own boss?
  • What are my professional codes of morals and ethics?

Counseling is all about empowerment, getting fresh insight and new outlooks. It glances at the interplay between the past, present, and future. It gives a secure, non-judgmental atmosphere to understand how circumstances and events in life mold us and offer analytical means that enable us to take the significant steps required to reach our goals and choosing a career.

Career growth is a lifetime process that is different for everyone. So making the right career choice at the right moment is crucial. And this is what we are dedicated to, helping you with i.e how to choose the right career for yourself.


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