Spirituality at Work

Finding hope and happiness is utterly necessary for whatever we pursue. Without any hope or joy, our lives may seem wasted. Connecting with anything higher than ourselves give us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment helping us find the purpose of our lives.

The something we unite with can be God or a higher power. Finding yourself by walking on the path of spirituality will also be good for humanity. Understanding your own spirituality can help you find your way in the world full of life-trials, illness, and death. The hard reality of life is that it is tough for everybody regardless of anything and problems in life don't discriminate.

Generally, people believe that to discover ones’ spiritual connection one must belong to an established religion like a church or temple. Becoming a part of a religious community is a great way of uniting with individuals of similar faith and ideas, but it's not the only way or place to find spirituality.

Look beyond what you see……

While some find spirituality in activities like prayer, meditation, or volunteering others find calm and peace in music, nature or art. Many even love to listen to the sound of waves of the ocean or the laughter of a co-worker. You might play relaxing or meditation type music to bring solace to yourself during lunch hour or in between appointments.

When your life has meaning and purpose, you have the strength to weather the storms and manage your life-journey. You are more likely to make good choices than to avoid the slippery-slope of stress-related problems, addiction, marital, family and co-worker problems.

Rest, reset & refresh……

Take out some moments from your busy routine to focus on all that is good about you and your life. Treasure what do you have to be grateful for? Are you generally in good health? Has anyone been kind to you lately?

The hectic routine of your life makes you ignorant towards the good stuff in your life. So you should make an attempt to tune it out. Meditation is a great way to clear all thoughts from your mind, and it can be done even at work. Try to imagine yourself in a non-working and calming setting such as a beach watching the sunset. Try to visualize the colors, listen to the sounds, and feel the breeze.

Saving a few minutes, a day to do rhythmic breathing and to break away from stress and anxiety, will help you manage stressful or difficult times of your workdays.

Some of the easy ways to develop a spiritual side in your life:

  • Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Pray or sit silently analyzing the meaning of your life.
  • Nourish your mind with inspiring and encouraging information and experiences.
  • Try to understand your position in the big picture of life around you.
  • Listen to any soothing and relaxing music.
  • Look out for co-workers and mentors who make your life better.

Benefits of Spirituality in your work/life……

Research shows that individuals practicing their workplace spirituality are less prone to fall ill than the others.

As we all are a part of the bigger universe, we must value ourselves and our colleagues more. It is very crucial to shield our body and soul from people and activities that could cause us any harm making us less inclined in self-harming behaviors.

You get a new outlook on life when you serve along with others towards a positive goal, such as feeding poor or doing some charity work. When you serve people in problems, help them cherish a better life, your own problems seem so small in front of them. You may also find some new companions to share your own great experiences or adventures along the trail of spiritual awakening.


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