Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance refers to the degree of juggling workplace stress with the daily tensions of family, companions, and self. Modern employees need better control over their daily lives and a better structure of their jobs.

Are you married to your profession? Consider the cost.

It can be alluring to rack up hours at work, especially when you're striving to get a promotion or control an ever-rising workload or simply holding your head above the sea. Your life at home is bound to suffer if you keep spending most of your time working.

The outcomes of poor work and life balance:

  • Fatigue: Your ability to attain work balance and think clearly might suffer when you are exhausted. This might take a toll on your work leading to pricey mistakes.
  • Poor health: Stress affects the immune system of our body worsening any persisting medical condition. Stress also increases the risk of substance abuse.
  • Off-track time with buddies and loved ones: Working too much might deprive you of family events or gatherings, leaving you to feel left out. It might spoil your bond with your family and makes it difficult to nurture the relationship or friendship if you are always working.

How to achieve work life balance at the job?

Here are some work life balance tips for employees to follow-

  1. Set workable goals every day: Meeting daily priorities helps us enjoy a sense of achievement and control. The latest research reveals that having control over our work leads to a stress-free life. Making a "to do" list and setting up priorities and being realistic about workloads and deadlines will help you cop up with the work stress. Also, you can manage your time efficiently with this method of carrying out a task.
  2. Time management at work: Procrastinating a task often grows impossible in our minds. So whenever you are to complete a task at work, effective time management is necessary. Begin with splitting your task into smaller jobs. Then one after another complete your task in a stepwise manner. Many companies now organize time management training for employees to help them learn to manage time efficiently.
  3. Take five: Taking a small break at work helps in clearing your mind, refresh it, and increase your capacity to handle stress and make sound decisions once you dive back into the grind.
  4. Tune in: Listening to your favorite song or music at work fosters concentration, decreases stress and anxiety, as well as provokes creativity.
  5. Give yourself a break: We all know that no one’s ideal! Let yourself be human and try to do the best you can.

How to achieve work family balance at Home?

  • Unplug: The flex technology which makes the workers do their jobs easily can burn them out if used excessively or 24/7. So it is utterly important to recognize the need for personal time too and limit the use of technology at home.
  • Get support: Conversing with your family and friends is essential for your professional and personal success and all over wellbeing. Individuals with a reliable support system have strong immune responses to diseases than those who do not have such support.
  • Stay active: It's a well-known fact that exercising regularly reduces depression, stress, anxiety, and addictions, enabling individuals to lead a healthy life and be able to face the adversities of life. So, it is important to set a gym routine or take a walk and eat healthy to lead a wholesome stress-free life.

Get help if you need it- Don't let stress become a hurdle in the path of your happiness and health. If stress persists for a long time, then it might be a sign to seek the help of a professional. Remember looking out for help is not a mark of weakness rather it’s a sign of taking care of yourself signifying strength.

Why Work-Life Balance is Important

Many studies have shown that employees having a positive balance between work and life performs well at work. Employees having a sense of ownership over their own lives cultivate better relations with their higher authorities and knows how to balance work and life. Balanced individuals are motivated employees who feel less stressed out at work, increasing their efficiency and reducing their work issues.


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